How You Expand Your Reach for Your New Business?
Written by coach Yas
You are running a new business and you want to reach more people. You have two choices: Going Deep or Going Wide.

Going deep, means reaching loyal raving fans who will be looking for your content or product every single week.

Going Wide means reaching anyone who might be interested in your product.

Now in the beginning, is it smart to go wide or is it smart to go deep?

Creating depth is slower but it will bring more sustainable wealth and growth.
By going wide, you sometime attract people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

So, I would focus on depth vs width in the beginning.

First thing you would do is to figure out who are your main competitors. Spend some time researching and learning how they are engaging with their customers.

These customers are your potential customers. They are buying similar products. So, Engage with them, discover their pains and understand their needs.

When you figure out what everyone else is doing, you will find a way to deliver that product better, faster and more efficient.

Show your customers that you are a serious entrepreneur and you are there to teach them and provide them with value consistently and more than anyone else.

Once you build ground with one audience, move to the next. 

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About Author: Yas Sakka (Coach Yas)

Yas spent 2 decades in the corporate world. He learnt traditional marketing from the best multinationals in the world, like Procter and Gamble, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Ferrero and others. Then, he started his dream business focusing on online marketing.
Within a short time, he was able to put a footprint in the online marketing world and now he is helping others  to retire from the corporate world and create a business that will gives them time freedom and high returns. His dream to impact the lives of 1 million people around the world.
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