Why 75% Of Local Business Owners Say Internet Marketing Is Effective?
Written by coach Yas
According to a research conducted by BrightLocal ( SMB Internet Marketing Survey ) , 75% of Small Business interviewed said that internet marketing is effective or very effective at attracting new customers (vs 68% a year ago):

- 32% find internet marketing to be “very effective” at attracting new customers 
- 43% believe that internet marketing is ‘effective’ at attracting new customers 
- 4% don’t do any internet marketing

And when they were asked about which KPIs (Key Performance indicators) they are most concerned with, website traffic and search ranking came first with 40% before Phone calls (31%), which was traditionally known as “Phone ringing = business”.
It is a fact today, your online presence of your business is a key factor to determine how successful you will be offline. 

Still not convinced? Let me tell you at least 5 reasons why Online Marketing is effective:

1- Online marketing is CHEAPER than any other media.
2- You have a better REACH to your target market than any other way of marketing.
3- Campaigns can be implemented FASTER than any traditional forms of advertising.
4- It is FLEXIBLE to evaluate new tactics, test new Ads or new markets.
5- It is easily MEASURABLE. All measures are realtime and accessible.

I will talk more explicitly about each of the mentioned reasons above in the next blogs.

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About Author: Yas Sakka (Coach Yas)

Yas spent 2 decades in the corporate world. He learnt traditional marketing from the best multinationals in the world, like Procter and Gamble, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Ferrero and others. Then, he started his dream business focusing on online marketing.
Within a short time, he was able to put a footprint in the online marketing world and now he is helping others  to retire from the corporate world and create a business that will gives them time freedom and high returns. His dream to impact the lives of 1 million people around the world.
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