The Magic Word You Need to Achieve Success!
Written by coach Yas
If you, like me, love studying successful people you will agree with me that they have many things in common.

But there is a special WORD that all of them embrace. This word is so POWERFUL that can predict who will be the winners and who will be the losers.

Let me ask you first.

How many times you start reading a book and you did not finish it?

How many times you decided to go 3 times a week to the gym and you stopped?

You know what is the problem here? the problem is that you decided on the objective but you did not add a condition.

Before revealing the word, please watch Jim Rohn, one of the best motivational speaker in the history, talking about it in this short video in this page.

Did you get it? Yes the word I am talking about here is UNTIL.

UNTIL.. is the Magic Word that you should embrace to succeed in whatever you are planning for.

Success is not easy but turns to be almost Guaranteed if you promise yourself that you will continue working on it UNTIL you get it. It could be your financial goal, your project, your business, your dream…

A baby learns how to walk and keep trying UNTIL he walks. A baby will not stop trying to walk till he succeeds.
A professional sport player keeps training and repeating his move UNTIL he masters it.

Likewise, a successful business owner keeps working on his business and will not stop until he achieves his financial goals.

So, instead of saying, I will go to the gym 3 times week to loose 40 pounds, you should say, I will go to the gym 3 times a week UNTIL I loose 40 pounds. Similar words but the it is SO different.

So from the beginning, you put a condition that you will continue working on your action UNTIL you achieve the objective.

Now, are you ready to embrace the work “UNTIL” in all your decisions? Write it down and keep reminding yourself that you won’t stop and you will do Whatever it takes, UNTIL you achieve what you want.

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About Author: Yas Sakka (Coach Yas)

Yas spent 2 decades in the corporate world. He learnt traditional marketing from the best multinationals in the world, like Procter and Gamble, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Ferrero and others. Then, he started his dream business focusing on online marketing.
Within a short time, he was able to put a footprint in the online marketing world and now he is helping others  to retire from the corporate world and create a business that will gives them time freedom and high returns. His dream to impact the lives of 1 million people around the world.
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