5 ‘Mindsets’ You Need to Switch from Employee to Entrepreneur
Written by coach Yas
Changing your mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur is challenging. Even though I had a successful 20 year career with several multinational companies, it didn’t prepare me for becoming an entrepreneur.

In any traditional business, there is a certain way of doing things so that operations flow in a predictable and organized way.

Entrepreneurship is so far from that. It’s a fast-paced and operated in a highly uncertain environment.
So what did I do? I adopted an entrepreneurial mindset. It took me time to do the switch. I was so persistent. Nothing in the world could stop me from doing it.
Do you like to know what mindset changes I applied to become an entrepreneur? You need 5 mindset switches to do it.

1. You’re responsible for all decisions – good and bad

As an entrepreneurs you have an incredible opportunity to create something from nothing, which is not always possible when you work for someone else. But this means that you have to make big decisions about what must be done, when and how. You can’t wait for things to happen, or for someone else to tell you what to do.

2. Enjoy breaking rules

As an employee, you can’t break the company rules. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, you aren’t interested in the status quo. You will be always looking for ways to do things differently, making the best decisions you can in each moment and always finding a better way to do it the next time.

3. Trust Your Gut

You will often have to make decisions with very limited information, sometimes with as little as 10% of what you need to know. You can’t just sit there and wait until you have enough information—that will never happen. Don’t expect to have the answers from day 1. Trust your Gut, you will figured it out along the way.

4. Take risks

In the corporate world, major decisions are rarely made in a hurry. But as an entrepreneur, you need to be aggressive in taking risks in order to make more decisions on the go.

5. Act with Fear

It’s natural to feel the fear when you are first entering entrepreneurship. However, Fear and growth go hand in hand. So, don’t ever let fear stop you. Embrace it and move forward.

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About Author: Yas Sakka (Coach Yas)

Yas spent 2 decades in the corporate world. He learnt traditional marketing from the best multinationals in the world, like Procter and Gamble, Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Ferrero and others. Then, he started his dream business focusing on online marketing.
Within a short time, he was able to put a footprint in the online marketing world and now he is helping others  to retire from the corporate world and create a business that will gives them time freedom and high returns. His dream to impact the lives of 1 million people around the world.
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