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I am Marketing Expert who helps Coaches and Consultants to automate and scale their business ONLINE so they can have more control of their lives.

I retired from the corporate world after successfully spending 20 years in marketing and working closely with several leading multinational companies. During the past 20 years I have learned that before you launch your marketing you need to have a system already in place to sell your products.

Selling Online follows the same rule. It requires a system. This sales system is called Sales funnel.  

Your business needs a Sales Funnel. Without a sales funnel, the time, effort and money that you have to put into marketing would be a complete waste.

And the best part is that your sales funnel can be 100% automated so you no longer waste time in prospecting and searching for new clients.

My job is to help you to set up a robust sales funnel and coach you on the skills you need so you can maximize your sales and grow your business.

In fact, I set a vision to help a million of people to transform their lives. Don't ask me how! I don't have the full answer yet. But I figured out that I can start by helping those who help others with their life or their business. So, I found myself naturally enjoying work with business and life coaches, consultants, book authors and network marketers..

I am proudly listed among the handful people who are certified by Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is the leading expert platform in sales funnels.. (Check out my profile in the Clickfunnels page https://marketplace.clickfunnels.com/consultants/256).

So, click here let me know how can I help you.
Coach Yas
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